Join a FREE Trial week here


Join a FREE Trial week here

Post-Baby Bodies, the Lingering Baby Bump and How Pilates can help

Recently Hollywood star Jennifer Garner openly talked about the fact […]

Stop Eating When You’re Full

Mindful eating is one easy way to help cut down […]

Start Biking Around Town

People who started biking or walking to work were less […]

Train Your Brain

Whether it’s to focus at work, do better at school, […]

Pilates for Men at MINT Downtown

MINT Pilates instructor Louisa Fahy talks about the benefit of […]

Become a MINT Ambassador

And Receive a FREE membership! MINT is currently hiring for […]

A FREE membership for working out with a MINT trainer?

Our VIP Training program has launched!  For every regular training […]

MINT Field Day

Join us for obstacle course races, kid's moon bounce, and more

As a long-time MINT employee, and General Manager of Dupont […]

New Pilates at Dupont

Spring Pilates Semesters are now enrolling! Here are your Spring […]

Pilates Week at MINT Downtown


Spring Into Fitness at MINT

Stay fit with MINT as we Spring into Fitness in […]

Kickball Starts at MINT

Join MINT’s kickball team and play against other teams in […]