Does your resolution need a resolution?

-From MINT Master Trainer, Andrew Kubala

Did you start the new year off strong with a great new diet and workout regiment?  As March approaches many of us find that we have, so to say, “fallen off the fitness wagon”.   Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track with your  new years resolution.

#1.) Cut the excuses.  Replace them instead with disciplines. They always say the biggest step toward fitness is the one you make getting through the door. So honestly, instead of wasting time talking yourself out of going to the gym, grab your stuff and get going!

#2.) Get off the scale.  Instead, focus on consistency.  Make it a goal to do something (no matter how small!) everyday that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.  If you need help with accountability, set up a few training session with one of our personal trainers at MINT.  They’ll get you started, guaranteed.

#3.) Make time.  Don’t have any to spare? Try giving up something you can, like TV or those countless hours spent aimlessly surfing the web!

#4.) Don’t do it alone.  Find yourself a workout buddy, or try one of our many group classes at MINT!

If you need help setting goals or even finding a little motivation during this stressful time of year stop by MINT Downtown and feel schedule a complimentary express session with me.  Or send me an email at

See you at MINT!

-Andrew Kubala

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