MINT Dupont Equipment Update

From MINT Director of Operations and Sales, Chris Carnecchia

I have a commitment to delivering the MINT experience. The MINT experience is having the ability at your health club and spa retreat to balance your overall fitness routine. No matter what your desires are, wether it’s personal training, Pilates, Yoga, cardio, stretching, Zumba, plyometrics, intense studio classes, or simple bliss in the spa – we at MINT make sure the environment is available to you. Not just available but at the highest level.

We understand that MINT isn’t for everyone and that’s the way we like it. We care about our members and we expect them to care about themselves. MINT members are committed and they expect GREAT not good. We keep our membership base small so our members can enjoy every aspect of the club as they wish.

That said, we felt we were falling short on delivering that promise in one area at MINT Dupont. We were not happy with some of our cardio pieces, our studio cycling bikes and the lack of an area to really take body weight, kettle bell, TRX, medicine ball, and functional training to a new level. In response, we ordered 5 brand new Lifefitness Cross Trainers and 7 brand new Lifefitness Treadmills – all with an unbelievable interactive adventure called LifeScape. With LifeScape, you will have the ability to choose a world renowned area and run or cross train through it. If its not for you switch to the TV or plug in your iPod and jam to your tunes.

In all of my 17 years in the Fitness industry the most exciting creation of fitness equipment I’ve come across is the Synergy 360. The Synergy 360 is a fitness enthusiast’s dream come true. As I mentioned above, it will be an area where you feel like a kid on a jungle gym. Functional training meets crossfit.

Exciting things are happening and I personally wanted to apologize for the extended wait for the new pieces. The delivery date has been pushed back due to a confluence of circumstances at the LifeFitness warehouse, which is located in New Jersey and as a result Sandy has impacted our shipping dates. Regardless of the reasons, the delay has affected our members and altered our ability to deliver the MINT experience.

The good news is that all the cardio pieces will be delivered Tuesday 11/27 mid-day. The Synergy 360 is scheduled for delivery on December 3rd or 4th due to the assembly requirements prior to shipping, however, we are leaning hard on LifeFitness to deliver it sooner. I will give you an update by the end of next week.

As for the cycling bikes they haven’t even gone to production yet as we let you know. We are the first to receive them in January when they are officially released.

I have a true lifelong passion for health and fitness as well as bringing customer service at its highest level. Happy Holidays and thank you for your patience.
Chris Carnecchia
Director of Operations and Sales

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