Professional, meet professional

Experienced and educated trainers= fun and challenging
workouts,sustainable results, and much lower risk of injury.


Personal Training is all about you, where you are, and where you’d like to go. Your trainer will customize a program that will get you to your goals. Just as you would be choosy over hiring any professional, a trainer is no different. MINT has the most rigorous hiring standards of any gym or studio in the DC metro area. Our trainers have four-year degrees or 10 years minimum experience, and all hold advanced nationally recognized certifications. No weekend certifications here.

Our programs are built for flexibility and convenience. Get started with one session, or a FLEX plan.

MINT Fitness Packages MembersMembersNon-Members
a la carteunlimited Flex Plan 8Flex Plan 12a la carte 8 pkunlimited
50 min Personal Training89-81799995-
50 min Master Training99-9189109105-
Express Training54-49476159-
Master Express Training60-55536865-
Group Pilates38249/mo35334539 299/mo
Express Group Pilates23-20182824-
  • FLEX Plans are discounted packages that auto-renew when sessions are depleted, cancel anytime, members only
  • Personal Training and Private Pilates are interchangeable sessions
  • All sessions carry one-year expiration dates, require 24 hours to cancel appointments, and are non-refundable
  • Unlimited Group Pilates may use 50 min and express, up to 2 sessions per day, no commitment
  • What’s Changed?


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