MINT Pilates

_MG_6028 Once a well kept secret among celebrities, dancers and professional athletes, people everywhere are choosing to stay fit and healthy with more mindful exercise such as Pilates.

Experience strength training the Pilates way. Look lean, feel strong, toned, limber and relaxed. Improve posture and prevent injury. Enhance your performance using our top of the line STOTT Pilates equipment like the Reformer and V2 Max Tower. A system of pulleys and springs on each machine can be adapted to over 500 exercises.

All MINT Pilates options utilize STOTT’s premier VR2Max Tower Reformers

Group (5) Pilates. Offered at our Dupont studio on the Reformers, these expert-guided group sessions offer the camaraderie of a group and excellent instructor attention, combined with a low per-session cost. A great choice for those who have anywhere from a little experience on the Reformer to experts.

Duo Pilates. Offered at both our Downtown studio on the Reformers, Duo sessions offer increased instructor attention while still being cost-effective. A great choice for beginners to experts.

Private Pilates. Offered at both our Downtown and Dupont studios, Private Pilates sessions are the ultimate way to incredible results utilizing the Reformer, the Pilates Chair and the Pilates Ladder Barrel. The exercise options are endless. Private sessions are an excellent choice for anyone; beginners learn the basics, elite athletes increase performance, and everyone inbetween.

Pilates Semesters. These-close ended series of sessions offer excellent value and a limited commitment. We are constantly offering new content, lengths, and frequency within our Semester offerings. Group (5) Semesters are offered at our Dupont Studio, and Duo Group Semesters are offered at our Downtown location. A great choice for those with a little experience all the way to experts

New to Pilates? Start with our Introductory 3-Pack for 5- Person Group Pilates for $78, with promo code INTROPILATES at checkout

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