Connie Deshpande

Barre, Pilates

Connie has been active and leading a healthy lifestyle at least since the days she tried to keep up with her physically fit Mother and friends as they power walked through the lush trails of her home in the Midwest. While never making a career out of fitness, Connie was inspired firsthand by those who did like Corey Everson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cameo Kneuer, all whom she met while working at both Warner Center Health Club and Joe Weiders’ Health and Fitness—publisher of Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Shape and Men’s Fitness living in southern California—a long, long time ago!

No matter what Connie has done professionally, she has always made time for her love of fitness and for helping others dig deep to reach their fitness goals. While in college she taught weight lifting and high impact aerobics. While working full time and attending graduate school here in Washington, DC she picked up ACE, AFFA and personal training certs. Even when she worked 24/7 in 1996 on the US presidential election, she escaped religiously for an hour each day to get her fitness fix. Connie attributes keeping her calm demeanor during the chaos of a presidential campaign to keeping sacred that hour to sweat and decompress. In 2010 Connie discovered Les Mills International and became a Body Pump and Body Flow Instructor and fell in love with the concept of muscle contraction (lifting) followed by muscle elongation (Body Flow).

Shortly after, Connie was trained in the original Lotte Berk Method (Barre). Today Connie teaches various fitness formats including Barre, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Body Pump, Body Flow, Kickboxing, Plyometrics, Boot Camp, Cardio Strength, Tabata, F.I.T.T., Extreme Abs, Shred Step and more! In between professional deadlines and the active lifestyle of her 10 year old, Connie trains clients 1-1 on a referral only basis at her small studio where she’s helped high school boys and girls as well as senior citizens and everywhere in between reach their goals to live a healthy lifestyle.