Elizabeth Stodolski


Lizzie started teaching at MINT in October 2016. Lizzie has always been drawn to cycling because its accessible for so many people, at so many different ages, fitness levels, through injuries and special conditions, and yet it still delivers a great workout to everyone! This lead her to obtain her Spinning certification via the MadDogg program. Lizzie believes that they key to staying focused and pushing yourself is variety. In her class you can expect to be presented with a variety of challenging drills designed to help you build strength, endurance, and improve your average speed. You’ll be challenged to stay out of the realm of what’s comfortable, and push yourself just a little bit harder each time you get on the bike. Lizzie also sees class as her time to play DJ, so if your workout playlist needs an upgrade, stop into her class to hear some new jams. When she’s not teaching or working out at MINT you can find Lizzie at Flash, Harris Teeter, or petting someone else’s dog.