Lane Fahy

Lane Fahy has been passionate about exercise, and particularly group exercise, since she began taking group exercise classes in college. She was amazed at how exercise made her feel better, gave her more energy, and lowered stress. Sparked by her own love of working out in a group setting, she decided to become certified in group exercise instruction. Since then, she has taught all sorts of classes – spinning, strength training, HIIT, and sports conditioning. For her, it’s all about the group atmosphere. She loves teaching (and taking!) group classes because of the energy and motivation that only comes from working out together, as a team. Together, we work harder, and push past limits we didn’t know we could. When she’s not in the studio, she’s a doctoral student in clinical psychology. Her research revolves around the mental health benefits of exercise, and particularly how exercise can benefit those with severe and chronic mental illness. The mind-body connection, and the tremendous impact that exercise can have on one’s mental health, will always amaze her.