Liz Harvey

HIIT (PP, TRX, CORE, BOOTCAMP), Master Trainer

Liz Harvey studied at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she received a degree in vocal performance. She later went on to travel nationwide performing at colleges, universities, music tradeshows and with other local opera companies. Throughout her collegiate years, Liz maintained a healthy lifestyle that is required as a performer. Her focus was on stamina, endurance, and her keen attention to detail. As her career as an opera singer developed so did her passion for fitness. She was able to master true discipline.
After years of singing, Liz decided to put her opera career on hold and pursue her passion for fitness. Within 12 weeks she was competing on stage in her first National Physique Committee (NPC) bodybuilding show, where she placed 7th. Her commitment and determination inspired her to continue training to enter another competition. The following year she placed 2nd in an NPC show.

Liz soon became a certified trainer and nutrition coach in Greensboro where she honed her skills. She specializes in transformation, weight loss, bodybuilding, women’s health, nutrition, sports conditioning, rehabilitation and injury recovery as well as group training speciality classes.