Agnieszka Antczak-Chung

Agnieszka grew up in Poland and moved to the US in 2001. She has masters degrees in music and performing arts, specializing in viola, and teaching violin and piano. She also holds a BA in music therapy and was originally interested in stretching movements to release tension from hours of practicing instruments. Her first Pilates experience came more than a decade ago when Agnieszka sought out a physical training program with movement. After a break to take care of her new-born twins she continued with Yoga training in 2009, becoming a certified Yoga instructor. About four years ago she began investigating Pilates because she began discovering how the body works and realized Yoga was not enough for her. She completed a Power Pilates course and in 2014 found out about the Boulder, Colorado world-renowned Pilates Center, enrolling in the official certification program. Agnieszka likes to apply the skills she acquired as a music specialist – focus, persistence, dedication, willingness to embrace daily practice and giving oneself the time to grow towards mastery, consistency, coordination and engaging the full body in learning. ‘The benefits of Pilates are indescribable – it is really about learning how a healthy body moves and as we get older it gives the energy to take on life’s daily challenges, in work, family and home life,’ she says.