Allie Gleich


For Allie, fitness isn’t just a job—it’s a way of life. Growing up, she honed her coaching skills, teaching dance, and coaching field hockey, setting the stage for her transition into personal training. With a lifelong love for the gym, Allie’s mission is clear: to help others overcome any hesitations about lifting heavy or feeling intimidated by the gym environment. She’s all about empowering her clients to embrace their strength and commit to their personal growth journey. What sets Allie apart is her unique blend of strength and endurance training. As a seasoned marathon runner, she understands the importance of building both physical and mental resilience. Her training style combines compound movements with targeted isolation exercises, ensuring a well-rounded and effective workout that promotes overall strength and functionality. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, increase cardio endurance, or prevent injuries, Allie’s got you covered. For those new to personal training, Allie has some sage advice: come with an open mind and a commitment to yourself. The rest will fall into place. With Allie by your side, the gym will no longer be a daunting place—it’ll become your sanctuary for self-improvement and growth. When she’s not hitting the gym floor, you can find Allie pounding the pavement on her Saturday morning runs in Rock Creek Park or tackling the trails at Shenandoah’s Old Rag Mountain