Meg DiRuggiero

Master Trainer, Master Pilates Trainer/Instructor

In 2019, Meg was doing a lot of heavy lifting, high-intensity training, and spinning as well as sitting a lot for her job. This led to her struggling with lower back problems and patella femoral syndrome in her left knee. She decided to try out personal training on the reformer and it changed everything! She was encouraged to become an instructor herself and got certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels.

Her teaching style is very calm and measured. She wants to make everyone feel comfortable and not intimidated. She is particularly good at describing how the exercises flow together. Her main goal is to teach people the importance of postural support and core engagement because it is so necessary for every activity we do. She also just loves showing people how the reformer works because it’s so fun!

She likes to combine classic STOTT Pilates moves with exercises that mimic what you can find on the fitness floor. She also enjoys showing people that the reformer can be used for more than just Pilates. The reformer is not as intimidating as it looks – it is essentially a piece of equipment and once you learn how it works it gets so fun to use. Pilates can be essential to anyone – it strengthens all the muscles that will help support you throughout your entire life and is a great companion to strength training.

Meg grew up in DC and is so excited to be back! She loves to walk along the C&O canal to be around nature and explore the area’s many museums. She loves kpop and is always looking for new vegan spots to try. You can follow her on Instagram @meg.diruggiero or her kpop/Pilates youtube channel hanandonly.