Tali Israeli

Master Trainer

Tali believes in a holistic approach to fitness, blending the time-tested principles of traditional strength training and weight lifting with the grace and precision of barre and pilates-inspired exercises. Her goal is to sculpt not just a strong body but your strongest body.

Whether strengthening those often-overlooked weak muscles or lengthening those tight, overused ones, Tali uses her specialty in corrective exercise and program design to identify & address imbalances in your body. Her aim is not just to improve your posture and form but to avoid compensation by activating the right muscle groups during each exercise, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing your overall function, mobility, and flexibility.Tali is passionate about long-tempo training, which is instrumental in building not only strength and stability but also nurturing those core muscles that form your body’s foundation. She will help you unlock your strength & stability, one well-paced rep at a time.

She firmly believes that fitness should be a celebration of what your body can do rather than a pursuit of an unrealistic “perfect” body image. She encourages her clients to view exercise as a source of joy and to improve their overall health.