Enrique Flores

HIIT (MINTKick, Cardio)

Enrique Flores is current mixed martial arts fighter , fighting at both the featherweight division (145) and the bantamweight division(135). Throughout his career , he competed numerous international freestyle wrestling competitions under FILA International wrestling federation and brazilian jiu jistu competitions under the IBJFF & U.S Grappling. Then 2016 he competed in the 2016 U.S Open Men s Freestyle wrestling competition to try earn a spot for the U.S Olympic Trials but came short in 10th place. Enrique passion for fighting , made him want to coach others in boxing or kickboxing . So then he earned his Boxing Coach’s Certification under USA Boxing , license as amatuer boxer & FILA/ USA wrestling license international wrestler. He believes that everyone should have a great experience learning boxing or kickboxing and you’ll experience whats like to train like a real fighter without the fight.